Youth Education

Young Explorers is for children 6-10 who are interested in animals, nature, and conservation. The first Saturday of each month the Young Explorers program focuses on a selected group of wildlife, from birds of prey to big cats, for a living classroom about the animals youth love. Each class includes live animal encounters and/or backstage exhibit visits, educational activities, crafts and other fun! Join us for one program or attend them all.

The 2013 season is completed. Please check back for the 2014 season dates starting in June 2014. Below are a sampling of the classes offered:

Claws, Teeth, and Fur

Do you know why a Bobcat has spots on it's ears?  Do you know why Otters are always playing, or why Panthers are an endangered species?  Find out these answers and more in our program which includes a behind the scenes tour of our Bobcat and Panther exhibits, an Otter feeding, and educational activities and crafts.

Scales, Shells, and Slithering
Get scaly with this reptile program which includes live reptile presentations, a guided tour of our alligator, turtle and tortoise exhibits, with feeding encounters and educational crafts and activities.

Funny Flamingos
Ever wonder why a Flamingo is pink?  Why do they have such skinny long legs?  What do they eat?  Well, come discover the answers and what makes Flamingos so special and funny.  Program includes a behind the scenes look at our Flamingos, a Flamingo feeding, and educational crafts and activities.

Webbed-Footed Wonders
Step inside our Free-flight Aviary and immerse yourself in a world of webbed wonders.  Learn about our resident wading birds and their natural habitats.  Program includes a guided tour through the Free-flight Aviary, bird feedings, educational crafts and activities. 


Please check back for the 2013 rates.

WAIVER: All participants, by registeration and payment, grant permission for their child(ren) to participate in the Flamingo Garden Youth Program. Neither Flamingo Gardens, the Floyd L. Wray Memorial Foundation, or their employees will be liable for any child for injury or damage to any person or property arising out of the use of Flamingo Gardens.Participants agree to waive any and all claims against Flamingo Gardens, the Floyd L. Wray Memorial Foundation, or employees arising from participation in this program and presence at Flamingo Gardens. In the case of emergency, participants authorize Flamingo Gardens to transport and/or obtain medical services for their child. Participants also authorize the use and reproduction of photos taken by Flamingo Gardens staff during any Youth Program or activity as property of Flamingo Gardens and may be used for public relations and marketing purposes related to Flamingo Gardens and the Everglades Wildlife Sanctuary.

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