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Animal Habitat Repairs

Many of the animal habitats in our wildlife sanctuary are a decade old or more, and have weathered countless storms and sustained normal wear and tear. Flamingo Gardens is raising $150,000 to repair and maintain habitats for these animals that call our wildlife sanctuary home. Can you help us today with a gift to fund much-needed habitat repairs for some of our precious animals?

Josh turned 24 years’ old this past January!

That’s quite a feat for this black bear who spent 14 years as a birthday party entertainer, kept in a 20’x20’ enclosure, with limited mobility, and fed a poor diet, causing a myriad of health problems. We received him when he was morbidly obese and could barely move. These days at Flamingo Gardens, Josh receives regular exercise and a balanced diet under the devoted watch of our Animal Care Team. Josh enjoys the spaciousness of his habitat, but it needs repairs after 10 years.

Flamingo Gardens has felt the effect of this downturned economy. We have a shortfall of $125,000 this year in grants and major gifts which affects our ability to complete the necessary repairs to our bear and panther habitat, flamingo pond and rookery, and owl habitat. Your gift today can bring us closer to filling the gap.

James is our only flamingo chick to be viably hatched to our flamboyance.

This lanky wading bird, now an adult, turns 5 years’ old on August 1.  We’ve noticed lately that he has become aware of females. Perhaps he’ll be the next to father the next hatchling?

Both the Flamingo Pond, where James calls home, and the Rookery are both in need of de-mucking and landscaping.

Buddy the Panther turned five years’ old on the 4th of July.

He was only five months old when he came to us after living in a residence where he was illegally kept as a pet under substandard conditions. Buddy continues to receive training so he can receive safe, regular health checks.

Buddy enjoys the spacious habitat he deserves, but it too needs repairs as well.  

Teddy, our senior barred owl, is afflicted with visual impairment.

Her mate, Bear, can sometimes be seen feeding her to lend her a “helping talon.”

You may have seen our brand-new Hawk Walk next to Owl Alley. That habitat was in serious disrepair prior to a gift from the Freed Foundation. Owl Alley too needs renovations, due to its disrepair.  

Your donation will help fund repairs and renovations to their habitats. With your help, we can continue to provide these beautiful creatures with the dignity and care that they deserve. Please feel free to contact either Donna Ogdon Chen, our senior director of development to learn more on how you can help make a difference.

[email protected]
954-473-2955 x 127

P.S. Josh is spending his summer months cooling off under the mister that was installed near his pool. Your gift today will help us take care of other important renovations and repairs to his habitat. 

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