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Eco-teers: Environmental Stewardship

In the spirit of environmental awareness and community engagement, Flamingo Gardens recently hosted a series of events aimed at promoting water conservation and combating invasive plant species. Here’s a brief recap of the activities that took place:

March 9th – “Water Matters Month” Event at Tree Tops Park:

The Flamingo Gardens EcoTeers, alongside representatives from the Horticulture/Education department, set up separate booths at Tree Tops Park. The EcoTeers were on a mission to educate the public about water conservation while also recruiting volunteers for various outreach programs. It was a collaborative effort to spread awareness and inspire action towards preserving our precious water resources.

March 13th – Invasive Plant Removal with NSU:

Led by Professor Kevin Dibert, a group of 11 volunteers from Nova Southeastern University (NSU) joined forces with Flamingo Gardens to tackle the removal of “Wandering Dude” invasive plants along the tram trail and by the back lake. This hands-on approach to conservation not only helped in preserving the native ecosystem but also strengthened the bond between the community and nature.

March 22nd-24th – Rainwater Collection for a Cause:

In a proactive move to harness natural resources, two barrels were strategically placed within the gardens to collect rainwater during a thunderstorm. The collected water, totaling an impressive 35-40 gallons, will be repurposed and donated to Sue Chalmers, who leads a reconstruction project at Southgate Meadows. This initiative not only showcases Flamingo Gardens’ commitment to sustainability but also underscores the importance of resourcefulness in environmental stewardship.

If you would like to join the Eco-teers and help make an impact in our community against pollution and climate change, contact Ashley at [email protected] or call 954-473-2955 for more information. For more information about the Eco-teers go to:

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