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Eco-Teers: Southgate Meadow

Saturday January 27th from 3PM to 5PM EcoTeers participated in the Southgate Meadow reconstruction that has been going on for the last 2-3 years. We contributed by removing 3 plots of overrun weeds and invasive plants (such as Weedella and Richardia) in order for the meadow to be ready to plant new native species. We have seen incredible growth in some of the plants that were planted months ago and look forward to seeing how the newer ones develop over time as well. We had 3 volunteers participate in invasive removals and one other volunteer decided to stay late to do some identification work and log them into the app “INaturalist” that we use to keep track of all plant species we see develop in the area. We have also seen some improvement in bringing our wildlife back to this grassy area, there is now a family of burrowing owls nearby which are known to be a threatened species now as well as many different varieties of butterflies. February/March projects and events upcoming, stay tuned for more!


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