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The 90th anniversary of the Wray Home Celebrated

Foundation President Stan Wood, Mayor Judy Paul and Davie Councilmember Michelle Whitman

The 90th anniversary of the Wray Home Celebrated with an Historic Marker Unveiling

On Sunday November 26, 2023, The Wray Home Museum at Flamingo Gardens celebrated its 90th Anniversary year with the unveiling of an historic marker as part of the Florida Historical Marker Program which “recognizes historic resources, persons and events that are significant in the areas of architecture, archaeology, Florida history and traditional culture by promoting the placing of historic markers and plaques at sites of historical and visual interest to visitors.” The Wray Home Museum is honored to have been selected to be a part of this program.

Sunday’s event featured historic cars, costumed entertainers and guides, Dixieland jazz, and lunch specials based on historic recipes that were served by Floyd and Jane Wray at their well-known barbeque gatherings.  In addition, we opened a retrospective of 90 years of the Wrays and Wray Home in the Gallery Area inside the museum.

At noon the marker was unveiled by special guests, Stan Wood, President of the Floyd L. Wray Memorial Foundation and Davie Town Mayor, Judy Paul. Other notable guests included Davie Councilmember, Michelle Whitman and Flamingo Gardens Board Members, Jan Amador, Carol Holdren, and Eric Veitenheimer.

In addition to the other festivities there was a Haiku contest in honor of Jane Wray’s role as a poet, musician and supporter of art and the preservation of nature. Below is our award-winning Haiku and the three runners-up. A special thank you to all who participated and to our judges.

Haiku Contest

Winner – Pam Steele

Hues of perfection

Champion trees reach skyward

Paradise preserved

Three Runners Up

Laura Wyatt

Share this beauty spot

Dreams are never forgotten

All are welcome here

Francean Fanny

What a lovely day

Celebrating the Wray Home

Such a joy to do

Lauren Baldwin

A field of nature

a home across the clearing

enjoy the gardens

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