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Volunteer Spotlight: Lorenzo Cassina

Our volunteer of the month for February is Lorenzo Cassina. Lorenzo has been an integral part of not only the Flamingo Gardens Volunteer team but for Flamingo Gardens as a whole. Lorenzo can most notably be seen with a camera in his hand at any part of our 60 acre garden. He is a pioneer of all things photography here and if you’ve been here, you’ve seen his work before. Whether it be for our various events, our botanical collection, or even the volunteers and staff themselves, Lorenzo has captured it all. He has been committed to using his gift for the betterment of Flamingo Gardens for 12 years and counting now. In this decade plus Lorenzo has volunteered for over 3,400 hours. He calls them his Happy Hours and we are thankful that he is always so radiant and willing to inject positivity into everyone he encounters here. From our Camera Club to his freelance work so much of his artistry has ben gifted to us and we want to let him know just how much we appreciate his efforts, his consistency, and his presence. Thank you Lorenzo.

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