Volunteer Spotlight: Ilene Shatkin

Our Volunteer of the Month for May is Ilene Shatkin.

Ilene is one of the kindest and most dedicated volunteers we’ve ever had. Ilene has specifically volunteered with the Orchidteers which is a group we established in 2017. When you see the orchids we have here in the gardens, you understand why the Orchidteers are such an integral part of Flamingo Gardens. Ilene is a major part of that group. In her time since becoming a volunteer she has already volunteered about 850 hours of her time and with the consistency she displays those hours are always climbing. We are lucky to have her and she is extremely valued. It is so important to have volunteers like her.

Volunteer Spotlight: Aliyah Guerrero

The Volunteer of the Month for April is Aliyah Guerrero. Aliyah started volunteering less than 2 months ago but already has about 80 hours completed. She always has a smile on her face and does every job exactly how we need. Most notably she has been seen as a guide in our Wray. Aliyah was willing to step up at a time where we really needed her and fill in the gaps to help us continue to move in an organized manner and we are so thankful to her for that. 

Volunteer Spotlight: Cecilia Anzalone

Our Volunteer of the Month for March is Cecilia Anzalone. Ci Ci as she is commonly referred too is as dedicated as a volunteer as we’ve ever had. She has volunteered over 1500 hours and has done it everywhere. Cecilia works weekly with our Orchidteers, and our Gift Shop. She is also heavily involved with our bee keeping projects. She regularly spends time assisting animal care. When called upon she can be asked to volunteer in any department and get the task at hand taken care of. When Cecilia is available, departments are eager to have her volunteer with them because of the exemplary work that she always does. She is integral to some many of the different things that we do here and she as a volunteer is the embodiment of our mission. We are so lucky to have her.

Volunteer Spotlight: Lorenzo Cassina

Our volunteer of the month for February is Lorenzo Cassina. Lorenzo has been an integral part of not only the Flamingo Gardens Volunteer team but for Flamingo Gardens as a whole. Lorenzo can most notably be seen with a camera in his hand at any part of our 60 acre garden. He is a pioneer of all things photography here and if you’ve been here, you’ve seen his work before. Whether it be for our various events, our botanical collection, or even the volunteers and staff themselves, Lorenzo has captured it all. He has been committed to using his gift for the betterment of Flamingo Gardens for 12 years and counting now. In this decade plus Lorenzo has volunteered for over 3,400 hours. He calls them his Happy Hours and we are thankful that he is always so radiant and willing to inject positivity into everyone he encounters here. From our Camera Club to his freelance work so much of his artistry has ben gifted to us and we want to let him know just how much we appreciate his efforts, his consistency, and his presence. Thank you Lorenzo.

Volunteer Spotlight: Christian Tibbs

Our Volunteer of the month is Christian Tibbs. 

Christian only started volunteering in late November but has already contributed over 275 hours of his time. In January alone he has volunteered for over 120 hours. Christian is commonly seen in our gift shop greeting and assisting with the organization of inventory but also been a guide for our bat exhibit. He has helped with set ups for our events department, and even spent some time working in the café. He is always ready and willing and that is why we are so lucky to have him. Christian always has a smile on his face and is a perfect representation of a Flamingo Gardens Volunteer.

Volunteer Spotlight: Luis Avendano

Our volunteer of the month is Luis Avendano. Luis always been ready and willing to do anything as a volunteer for Flamingo Gardens. When we say anything, we mean anything. Luis can be seen volunteering in every department imaginable, whether be assisting at the Café, cleaning the tram, picking up or composting, regulating parking, garden guiding, as well as so much more monthly. Luis has helped our Gift Shop, Food Services, Events, Rentals, Maintenance, Horticulture, and Animal Care Department. In particular this month he has worked diligently to ensure smooth operations for our Garden of Lights in which he has already given consecutive days and nights too us. Luis has volunteered over 460 hours here and is poised to do even more. We are very lucky to have him.


Volunteer Spotlight: Leland Upshaw

Our Volunteer of the Month for November is Leland Upshaw. Leland recently started volunteering here at Flamingo Gardens but has been apart of the Flamingo Gardens family for years. If you have been to Flamingo Gardens in the last month there is a big chance you’ve walked through those doors and been greeted by him. We love to have volunteers that provide the most pleasant experience for our guests and that is why Leland volunteering in Guest Services has been such an asset. He has volunteered 60 hours for us and has allowed everyone to better enjoy being here. Even our staff have taken to the positive and productive mindset Leland provides. Thank you for continuing a legacy of excellence in our guest services department.

Volunteer Spotlight: Kathy Harmon

The Volunteer of the Month for October is Kathy Harmon. Kathy has been such an involved and dedicated volunteer. Kathy has given us over 250 hours of volunteer time. This month she was a joy as always in the Wray Home but also helped us out in events. Kathy was extremely instrumental in our Harvest Fest event which as you know is one of our busiest times of the year. We are so thankful to have her with us and really rely on her consistency and skillset.

Volunteer Spotlight: Carson Carothers

Our Volunteer of the Month for September is Carson Carothers. Carson has been phenomenal for us this month. Carson dedicated 30 hours to us in which we saw him help with our Event set ups and breakdowns. Carson also took time out to volunteer in our animal care department which we really appreciate. He has been excellent at taking direction and seeing a task all the way through. Thank you, Carson, for your contributions to Flamingo Gardens this month.

Volunteer Spotlight: Kenny Patterson

Our Volunteer Spotlight for for August is Kenny Patterson. Kenny has contributed almost 30 hours this month. Kenny has helped in our café, been a guide for our Lego Exhibit, helped at tram, and assisted in maintenance.

Kenny will often volunteer for multiple shifts and cover a lot of ground with different departments throughout the day. He has also already committed to helping our events department in the ensuing month of September. We are very thankful to have a volunteer like Kenny who is willing to do what it takes to help in any way he can.