Volunteer of the Month: Henry Roesslhumer

Our Volunteer of the Month for October 2022 is Henry Roesslhumer.

Henry started volunteering at Flamingo Gardens in September and has already accumulated close to 70 hours. With dreams of one day becoming a veterinarian, Henry has been volunteering in our Animal Care Department early in the morning preparing diets and cleaning enclosures. On top of those hours, he volunteered every Saturday and Sunday during Harvest Fest, assisting with pony rides, hayrides, and the Gallery exhibit. He even helped with renovations for the Animal Care department. He’s always willing to do whatever we ask and his hard work and commitment to volunteering are truly appreciated!

Thank you Henry!

Volunteer of the Month: John Leon

Our Volunteer of the Month for September 2022 is John Leon.

John has been volunteering with us for almost 2 years and has taken part in every special event we’ve had.

John has accumulated a total of 205 hours and in September volunteered every single weekend for the full day. John has been a guide, assisted in our café, kept the park clean, helped prepare for events, and even helped with renovations for the Animal Care department. He’s always willing to do whatever we ask and that’s why we appreciate him so much.

Thank you John!


Volunteer of the Month: Ines Rosales

Our Volunteer of the Month for August 2022 is Ines Rosales.

Ines has quickly made herself an important asset here at Flamingo Gardens.

She started in June and has quickly amassed over 110 hours. She has really taken initiative and volunteered in major areas of need for us.

Ines has been present at every Eco-teers project including this month’s mangrove propagule collection. She has regularly been involved with our Orchidteers as well as assisting Animal Care on a regular basis.

Her love of nature and wildlife shows every single time she volunteers, and she is a shining example of the type of volunteer we want here at Flamingo Gardens.

We really appreciate all the time and effort you’ve given us Ines!

Volunteer of the Month: Ariana-Marie Lorenzo

Our Volunteer of the Month for July 2022 is Ariana-Marie Lorenzo.

Ariana has been one of the most enthusiastic and pro-active volunteers we’ve ever had.

In July alone Ariana has complete 90 hours. She has been a part of every department including the Orchidteers, Animal Care, Flamingo Café, and events. Most recently she was a key contributor to our Monarchs and Milkweeds Eco-teer project.

July has been an extremely productive month for the Volunteer Department of Flamingo Gardens and Ariana may have been the biggest reason why. Thank you, Ariana!

Taurin Ameigeiras Volunteer of the Month

Our Volunteer of the Month for June is Taurin Ameigeiras.


Taurin has been consistent and dedicated volunteer at Flamingo Gardens. Often seen as a guide in our Gallery for the current exhibit “Pollution Solutions,” Taurin has also assisted at the Trams and at Flamingo Cafe.


Taurin started in January and has already accumulated over 120 hours, but he has been here even more often in June, volunteering in almost every department. We are so lucky to have him on our volunteer team this summer! Thank you Taurin!


We have new volunteer opportunities at Flamingo Gardens. If you would like to join our volunteer team, please email [email protected].

Nathian Quiles Volunteer of The Month

The Volunteer of the Month for May is Nathian Quiles. 

He’s only been volunteering since February and has already completed more than 110 hours! 

Nathian has been particularly helpful in assisting us during our special events. He has also helped us with weddings and can very regularly be seen organizing our parking lots when we have a lot of guest. 

He’s a well-rounded volunteer and this month he’s really stepped up to help us. We are very thankful to have him here with us. Thanks Nathian!

Angelina Dawood and Liat Goren – Volunteers of the Month

Angelina Dawood and Liat Goren 

Volunteers of the Month

Our Co-Volunteers of the Month for April are Angelina Dawood and Liat Goren. They have volunteered at every event we had last month, whether large or small.


Both Liat and Angelina are constantly ready for any task that is presented to them. Since becoming volunteers in December they have already contributed 170+ hours to Flamingo Gardens and we really appreciate all the time and effort they have put in here at our establishment.


If you wish to volunteer at Flamingo Gardens too, please contact the Volunteer Department for availability and reservations at 954-473-2955, [email protected], or use the volunteer application button below. 

William Rolle – Volunteer Of The Month

Our Volunteer of the Month for September is William Rolle, nominated by our Maintenance Dept.
William started out as a guide in our Aviary in March, where he was much loved by our guests. He enjoys giving tours to our visitors and educating them on the Everglades and the birds that call it home. William recently began volunteering in the Animal Care department after advocating for himself to take on additional responsibility, and has proven himself an incredibly hard worker. William is courteous and helpful, and goes out of his way to make sure that our guests have the best experience while visiting Flamingo Gardens. Look out for William on Saturday mornings assisting our Animal Care department with diets and cleaning. Thank you William!