Volunteer Spotlight: Kenny Patterson

Our Volunteer Spotlight for for August is Kenny Patterson. Kenny has contributed almost 30 hours this month. Kenny has helped in our café, been a guide for our Lego Exhibit, helped at tram, and assisted in maintenance.

Kenny will often volunteer for multiple shifts and cover a lot of ground with different departments throughout the day. He has also already committed to helping our events department in the ensuing month of September. We are very thankful to have a volunteer like Kenny who is willing to do what it takes to help in any way he can.

Volunteer Spotlight: Gabriella Randall

Volunteer of the Month for July is Gabriella Randall. 

In this month Gabriella has amassed over 50 hours and has been so useful everywhere. She has worked in our gift shop, events, food services, and even maintenance. Gabriella takes initiative and points out areas of interest in which she can be an asset as a volunteer and that’s a quality we really love. She wants to be where ever she can make a direct and immediate impact and that is why we are so glad to have her.

Volunteer Spotlight: Kaitlyn Dunne

Our Volunteer Spotlight for June is Kaitlyn Dunne. Kaitlyn started volunteering this month but has already contributed over 90 hours of her time to Flamingo Gardens. She has literally been here almost every day. She has been a guide in the gallery for our new Lego exhibit. She has been a garden guide. Kaitlyn has also assisted gift shop, events, animal care and tram in the time she has been here. We feel thankful that we have Kaitlyn because she has really made her mark as a volunteer already.

Volunteer Spotlight: Angel Diaz

angel diaz picture

Our Volunteer Spotlight for May is Angel Diaz. 

Our volunteer of the month for May is Angel Diaz. Angel has being supremely helpful in a myriad of ways since starting at the beginning of this month. Angel has amassed over 140 hours in this month alone. He was crucial in helping us get our new exhibits set up with our events department as well as playing an integral role in breaking down the previous exhibit. He has been willing to put in extra effort at every call and get his hands dirty and that’s why have been lucky to have him.

Volunteer Spotlight: Linda Crutchfield


Our Volunteer Spotlight for April is Linda Crutchfield. 

Linda has been a dedicated volunteer in Animal Care for months now and can be seen making sure our Animal enclosures are in the best conditions. Linda has already amassed over 165 hours in a short amount of time because of her commitment to the Animals and Flamingo Gardens. We are lucky to have a valued volunteer like Linda on our team.

Volunteer Spotlight: Publix Staff Members

Publix Serves 2023
Our Volunteer Spotlight for March are Publix Representatives.
As apart of their Publix Serves Campaign, they had over 100 volunteers participate in various volunteer experiences for us here at Flamingo Gardens. They assisted us in animal care and took on larger projects. They also made a major contributions with their time and effort to our Horticulture Department. This is also in addition to painting and helping Maintenance. We are thankful that every year Publix has continued a partnership with our Volunteer Department and really allowed us to attempt more creative volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Spotlight: James Harmon

James Harmon
Our Volunteer of the Month for February is James Harmon.
 James has already volunteered for over 100 hours this year. February in particular James was a key contributor in our Food and Wine Benefit. He has been helping our Special Events department set up and breakdown our various events. Many mornings James can also be seen assisting our Animal Care Department with the animals and the enclosures. When called upon for any extra task he has been willing and effective, and we are very thankful for that. James has a passion for genuine help and we appreciate him so much.

Volunteer Spotlight: David Bauer

Our Volunteer of the Month for January is David Bauer.
David has done over 100 hours in a very short time span. His January productivity has been exceptional. David has assisted us at the café, helped out with the exhibits in our gallery, made Flamingo bags to be sold in our gift shop, and waste management. He is a very willing volunteer who is eager to do whatever he is asked and is always a team player. We are very thankful to have David here with us at Flamingo Gardens.

Volunteer Spotlight:  Nic Lagriola

Our Volunteer of the Month for December is Nic Lagriola. Nic has consistently been volunteering with us since June and has already provided us with over 200 hours in that time span. He’s always willing to get his hands dirty and can often be seen assisting our Animal Care department with various tasks and projects. Nic has also helped us by providing us with donations that have aided the volunteer department in organizing traffic during Garden of Lights which as you know is one of our busiest times of the year. We are so grateful for all effort he has put in to helping our animals as well as the volunteer department.


Volunteer Spotlight: Merville Dormeus

Our Volunteer of the Month for November is Merville Dormeus. Merville has volunteered for us in the gallery as a docent for our Clyde Butcher exhibit. He has quickly gotten acquainted with the exhibit. He has also created a comfortable atmosphere for all of our guests. He can be seen giving guided tours 5 days a week. We appreciate that kind of commitment and are very thankful for Merville’s contributions.