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Corporate Memberships

Welcome to Flamingo Gardens, where we offer Corporate Memberships to support our mission of depicting, preserving, and educating the public about the natural and cultural heritage of South Florida and the Everglades in our botanical gardens and wildlife sanctuary. By becoming a Corporate Member, your business can help us provide a repository for endangered plant and wildlife species, a living library of specific taxa available for research and education, and inspire an appreciation for the beauty and diversity of tropical and subtropical plants. Your membership contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law and can provide exclusive employee benefits, offering a unique and enriching experience for employees and clients alike.

Become A Corporate Member

Benefits of Corporate Membership

All levels of Corporate Membership at Flamingo Gardens come with a variety of benefits, including website recognition with a hyperlink, 10% off purchases made at our Gift Shop, Flamingo Café, and Garden Grill, and a 20% discount on additional ticket purchases. Additionally, Corporate Members receive a subscription to our monthly member e-newsletter, providing updates on upcoming events and programs at our botanical gardens and wildlife sanctuary.

Flamingo Gardens offers more than just the benefits mentioned earlier with each Corporate Membership level. Each level also includes Single-Use Tickets and Multi-Use Transferable Passes. The Multi-Use Transferable Passes give immediate entry into the Gardens every day, including on special event days. The number of passes varies by membership level, and you can view the membership levels below to see how many passes each level includes.

Your Corporate Membership supports our mission to depict, preserve, and educate the public about these natural and cultural heritage treasures. We look forward to welcoming you as a Corporate Member and to sharing our love and knowledge of South Florida’s unique and beautiful ecosystem with you and your employees.

For more information, please call 954.473.2955 x 135 or email [email protected].

Corporate Memberships are valid for one year. Each level of Corporate Member benefits is fixed and cannot be changed or substituted. Customized Sponsorship opportunities are available.
(1) Multi-Use Transferable Passes give immediate entry into the Gardens every day including on special event days. Employer is responsible for distribution and collection of passes to employees. A fee will be charged for replacement of lost card(s). Physical pass is required for entry.
(2) Single-Use Tickets are perfect for employee recognition or client “thank you” gifts. Tickets are valid through the one-year span of your membership. One guest admission per ticket including use on special event days.
(3) Co-Branded Employee Ticket Portal will provide your employees with direct access to 25% discounted tickets through your company intranet.