August Musings of MC Flamingo…

Back when I was still in Flamingo chick school, my 3 favorite months were June, July, and August.  Summer vacation is something everyone loves, right?  When it comes to travel, the birds at Flamingo Gardens spend our summers right here at home, but I hear a lot of birds visit the Canary Islands.  Sharks, of course, enjoy Finland.  And goldfish go ‘round (and ‘round) the globe. ba-dup-bump!
I’ve always thought of August as being like the Sunday of summer, because:

1. You can be lazy if you want… just ask Anne Marie, our newest Florida Panther
photo by Laura Wyatt

2. It’s a great time to stop and smell the roses or to see our water lilies bloom.
photo by Eileen Danielson 
3. Swimming!
    video by
And hey, folks, newsflash: It’s FLORIDA.  Come September, the weather is still going to be great, the days are still long and hot, but it’s going to be way cooooler under our green canopy high on this hardwood hammock. 

And September means your chance to do it all, as we birds like to say, on the cheep!  It’s time for $7 Saturdays in September!  September 3, 10, 17, and 24, 2016 admission is only $7 for both adults and children!  Plus $7 specials in the gift shop, and $7 combo meals at the Flamingo Cafe, Garden Grill, and Tropical Marketplace. 
Plus, the famous Flamingo Gardens Narrated Tram Tour is included!   

Now here’s another one for the birds—the Labor Day Native Bird Festival.  Guess what day it’s held on?  That’s right, Labor Day!  
Monday September 5th 2016, you can experience the birds that make Florida home.  Live bird exhibits, birding classes, aviary tours, and special Birds of Prey presentations— with admission HALF-OFF on Labor Day, so you don’t have to work as long to afford to get in.
See how I tied that together?

This is MC Flamingo, signing off for Flamingo Gardens as always with impeccable timing and some skillful rhyming:
Summer seems like a season of infinite fun,
Time to do everything, and see everyone.
There is so much stuff, but the truth is rough,
You learn there’s never really quite time enough.
So with what you choose to see, 
and what you choose to do,
Make today count, make it matter for you.