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Eco-teers – Beach Clean Up & Pollinator Project

Eco-teers June Projects

Beach Clean Up - Sat June 10th, 2023

at 4414 N. Surf Road in Hollywood, Florida. (MEEC at the Carpenter House).

On Saturday the Eco-Teers participated in a collective Beach Cleanup/Meet and Greet where we partnered with the Marine Environmental Education Center (MEEC) and worked alongside other organizations such as Youth Environmental Alliance (YEA) and Nova Southeastern University (NSU). We had a booth set up in order to educate the public on Flamingo Gardens and what the Eco-Teers do as an outreach conservation and preservation group. We had a total of 9 volunteers show up with 7 of those being already existing members of the Eco-Teers and managed to collect a total of 28.27 pounds of garbage from Dania Beach.

Pollinator Project - June 11th, 2023

at Southgate Meadows, Tamarac

Backstory: Sue Chalmers (a friend of Flamingo Gardens) has received a donation and a plot of land to create and care for as a “meadow” on the NE corner of Southgate Blvd and University Drive in Tamarac, Florida. Her motto for this project is “Mow to Meadow: Build it and they will come” meaning if we spend our time building a miniature ecosystem we will see a positive result in the way of providing homes and nutrients to other species of insects and birds along with nurturing the growth and bloom of other native plants. For this Project, Sue and I discussed quite a few ways the Eco-Teers can help build upon the reconstruction of this grassy area. Some of those ideas include digging plots, labelling plots of land, removing invasives, planting natives, spreading seeds, and other educational applied experiences. This project is beneficial to the Eco-Teers in that they will learn in a hands-on environment and the process will provide multiple projects for them to take part in and see the results of. 

On Sunday June 11th, about 7 Eco-Teers contributed to the Meadow project by removing invasive species (plants, weeds, etc.), planting native flowers, collecting bidents to spread on another project date that will, in time,  attract butterflies to the meadow. They spent time learning about different species of butterflies and flowers such as Gulf Fritillary butterflies and Sulphur butterflies. They removed 5-10 pounds of invasive weeds that were running through the garden and around our native plants and planted 9 Mexican Poppy (yellow-prickly poppy) or known by its scientific name as “Argemone Mexicana”.

If you would like to join the Eco-teers and help make an impact in our community against pollution and climate change, contact Ashley at [email protected] or call 954-473-2955 for more information.

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