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Eco-teers Dune Restoration

On February 4th, the Eco-teers visited Charnow Park in Hollywood Beach, Florida. The focus of their work on dune restorations was a huge success! 3000 sea oats were planted in partnership with the Youth Environmental Alliance. The morning brought in tremendous amount of rain, but that did not stop the amazing volunteers from serving their community.

Sand dunes play an important role in our Florida beaches, providing habitat for several coastal species and protection from storms. The dunes are a naturally-occurring accumulation of wind-blown sand. As they grow they are colonized by plants such as sea oats, sand spurs and beach morning glory, to name a few.

The Eco-teers planted sea oats due to Its massive root system which is capable of holding soil and sand in place during extreme weather events such as hurricanes and tropical storms. This plant’s habitat puts it at the forefront of shoreline protection.

Acting as a wall, sand dunes help protect beaches and property from damage from high winds, storm surges, waves and tides. The dunes are the first line of defense for homes and businesses. it’s important to avoid walking on them as foot traffic in dunes tramples vegetation and causes erosion over time.

If you would like to make meaningful and impactful change in your community, please email the Eco-teer Coordinator, Glennys Navarrete, at [email protected] for an application and updates on the upcoming projects.

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