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Eco-teers – National Weather Service Visit

On Saturday July 29th our Eco-Teers toured the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations (NOAA) Miami hurricane center, also known as the National Weather Service (NWS). Eco-Teers were lucky enough to get a comprehensive tour into their facility and speeches from the majority of their staff detailing their daily responsibilities and how that affects us as civilians. Robert Molleda (Warning Coordination Meteorologist) spent the full two hours walking us through each department and ended each department with a Q&A. We were able to see their news/media room where they give full weather reports during times of crisis, we were escorted through the main weather prediction center where the employees detailed how they perform multiple operations and procedures during hurricane seasons and throughout the year.

We also got information from the coastal marine forecast department on how they track ships coming in and out of ports during fluctuating weather events and how that affects our commerce, (i.e. cargo, cruises, etc). We were able to speak to a few employees that enlightened us to different ways they have experienced tracking hurricanes outside of the everyday office-work. Two specific employees shared their experiences in flying into the eye of a hurricane in order to gather information on those storms and send it back to their respective organizations with NOAA and the U.S. Military. We were able to see some of the equipment that’s used for hurricane tracking for example; hydrogen balloons being sent into the hurricane and any information picked up being sent back via radio and then transmitted to a PC.

Additionally, Melissa Auld, our Director of Operational Systems and IT, and I were told about an opportunity to become Weather Ready Nation ambassadors (WRNA) which is useful for the everyday procedures taken at Flamingo Gardens to keep guests and employees safe. It’s also valuable for me to have for the purposes of outreach projects and educating the public. We are excited to participate in this opportunity.

If you would like to join the Eco-teers and help make an impact in our community against pollution and climate change, contact Ashley at [email protected] or call 954-473-2955 for more information.

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