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New Owl Alley Aviaries Open

Thanks to grants from the Leslie L. Alexander Foundation and the The Batchelor Foundation, as well as contributions from many generous donors from our 2023 Summer Appeal letter, the Owl Alley at Flamingo Gardens’ Bird of Prey Center has been completely rebuilt and is now open once again.

The new Owl Alley features four wood and wire aviaries, partially covered with a tin roof, and a covered walkway connecting to the Hawk Walk, recently rebuilt thanks to a grant from the Freed Family Foundation.

The new aviaries are home to house barn owls, great horned owls, barred owls, and screech owls. Each aviary is outfitted with new nesting boxes and perches. New signage is in the works. We greatly appreciate the support of the Leslie L. Alexander Foundation and The Batchelor Foundation for their generous gifts, and the many others that donated to the campaign, as do the owls!

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