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Eco-teers: Garden for Wildlife Habitats

Ecoteer’s participated with the City of Sunrise today in a “Garden for Wildlife Habitats” workshop with the hopes of getting the general public to certify their neighborhoods as “wildlife friendly habitats”. This event was held at Flamingo Park and lasted from 10 AM to 12PM. Part of encouraging the public to understand and create a wildlife friendly garden required informing them on how to initiate and maintain such an environment. They were educated on the importance of native plants (coontie, milkweed, salvia, etc.), how to grow them, and where to properly purchase natives as opposed to their look-alike invasive counterparts. This presentation also included the growth cycle and instructions on how to care for each of the many species. Much of the invitees, including EcoTeers, were lucky enough to take home a plant or two to grow in their own gardens and reintroduce wildlife back to formerly populated areas. It was estimated that we had 30-45 attendees and over 15 committed to certifying their neighborhoods online. We have also learned that our heat zone for Broward County has moved from a 10B to now an 11 so that directly correlates with the types of species that will thrive in our environment. This information will be a lead into our following projects toward the end of May and Early June. I’m looking forward to sharing all of those details with you as we grow the number of projects we practice monthly.

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