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EcoAction at Central Broward Regional Park

Saturday February 24th 2023, EcoTeers participated in an EcoAction event day at one of our natural parks. Central Broward Regional Park held an invasives/waste removal from 9AM to 12PM. We were able to remove up to 100 pounds of Oyster Plant (Tradescantia Spathacea) also known for causing itching and irritating the skin of anyone who may touch the sap.

We also removed 150 pounds of plastic and other waste found at the park. Some objects to note (bottles, a bag full of dog toys stuck inside a bush, paper, straws, etc.). Volunteers were also educated on some of our native plants growing in the park such as our Smilax Vines and our Carolina Willow.

A total of 5 volunteers participated from Flamingo Gardens EcoTeers not including our Coordinator. As a whole 13 volunteers participated in making the park look safe and presentable for others walking through and for our wildlife. We look forward to participating in other EcoAction dates and to any prospective volunteers who wish to join.

For those looking forward to future events,

March is Water Matters Month in Broward County so we will be holding/.participating in events that align with water conservation purposes.

  • March 2nd will be a PUBLIC waterway cleanup, there will be a mass cleanup of our natural parks and waterways from 9AM to 12PM in honor of water matters month. We encourage all our EcoTeers to participate on their own if they are able. Anyone who wishes to participate in the public cleanup can find more information here:
  • March 9th – Flamingo Gardens “EcoTeer” coordinator will be holding a booth for recruitment and education purposes at Tree Tops Park to celebrate “World Water Day” on March 22nd. Those who wish to apply as a volunteer or who have questions are welcome to visit. Our horticulture team will also be attendance at another booth during this event.
  • March 10th – EcoTeers will be hosting their very own waterway cleanup in honor of Broward County’s annual team cleanup. This event will be held at Dania Beach pier/marina from 9am-12pm. We’re looking forward to seeing our EcoTeers and any new faces who plan on attending. 

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