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Twice Monthly

  • The Eco-teers are a Flamingo Gardens volunteer outreach group that support habitat protection, coastal resilience, and environmental projects in Broward County, and provide climate change and environmental education to residents and visitors.

The Eco-teers plan and implement monthly projects which include, but are not limited to:

  • Hardwood tree plantings to help capture carbon dioxide to counteract rising temperatures and clean our air while also providing additional greenery to our communities.
  • Mangroves and other coastal vegetation planting to help capture carbon dioxide, improve marine habitat, reduce beach erosion and help protect communities from flooding.
  • Waterway and shoreline clean-up to help improve marine/aquatic habitats and improve cleanliness of our communities.

Twice-monthly meetings include an educational/social meeting and an off-site project day.


  • Eco-teer application and approval from Volunteer department
  • Minimum quarterly project commitment
  • $20 t-shirt purchase
  • Age 15 and up

The first meeting of every month will be held at Flamingo Gardens while the second meeting of the month will be held off-site. The location will depend on the topic of the assigned project for that month. 

Join in on the next projector to become a member please email: [email protected]

Join Us For Our Next Adventure!

September Events:

Saturday 23rd, 2023 – Fall Harvest Festival at Welleby Park from 9am – 1pm. (This is a recruiting event for the eco-teers)

If you would like to join the Eco-teers for our next project, contact Ashley at [email protected] or call 954-473-2955 for more information.

Busy August for Eco-Teers: Promoting Sustainability and Protecting Beaches

As summer draws to a close, the dedicated members of Eco-Teers have been busier than ever, working tirelessly to promote environmental awareness and take meaningful actions to preserve our natural world. From educational events to beach cleanups, August has been a month filled with impactful initiatives that highlight the organization’s commitment to sustainability.

Promoting Eco-Friendly Back to School with Flamingo Gardens

One of the highlights of August was the Eco-Teers’ involvement in the “back to school” event at Flamingo Gardens. Representing the organization, members took the opportunity to engage with visitors and spread the word about Eco-Teers’ mission. Ashley, our Eco-teer coordinator, accompanied by Beth and Anita, distributed informative pamphlets about the organization’s activities and the upcoming events at Flamingo Gardens. In an effort to captivate young minds and foster curiosity, Eco-Teers brought butterflies and a patch of fur from Josh the bear. The kids were encouraged to ask questions and interact with these tangible reminders of the natural world.

Taking Action: Beach Cleanup Collaboration

Eco-Teers demonstrated their commitment to the environment through their participation in a Beach Cleanup collaboration with MODS. On a Saturday, August 12th, morning the team gathered at Dania Beach at Dr. Von D. Mizell – Eula Johnson State Park, armed with determination and trash bags. From 8 AM to 12 PM, they meticulously combed the beach shore and surrounding pavilions, collecting an impressive 29.6 pounds of microplastics. Among the most common items were bottle caps and beer cans, which, if left unchecked, could wreak havoc on marine life and coastal vegetation.

The team’s efforts extended beyond mere cleanup. Their collaboration with MODS took an innovative turn, as they provided bottle caps to contribute to the museum’s plastics project. This project is a testament to the power of collective efforts and creative initiatives aimed at turning waste into valuable resources.

The Eco-Teers’ dedication shows no sign of slowing down. With plans for more events on the horizon, their commitment to environmental conservation remains unwavering. As the end of August approaches, another event is in the works. Furthermore, September promises to be just as eventful, with two initiatives scheduled despite a brief absence during the first week and a half of the month.

If you would like to join the Eco-teers and help make an impact in our community against pollution and climate change, contact Ashley at [email protected] or call 954-473-2955 for more information.

Support has been provided by the following Funds at the
Leonard & Sally Robbins Fund
Mary and Alex Mackenzie Community Impact Fund
Frederick W. Jaqua Fund
And support from Spirit Airlines

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